When you have made the decision to sell your home and engaged an estate agent, most people usually want to know how much are the estate agents fees and how quickly will the property sell?  Read our guide below to find out how to make your house more saleable and hopefully realise a quicker sale.

Top Tips For Making Your Home Sell Faster

Preparing your home for viewers is important and as well as potentially making it sell faster it may also add thousands of pounds to its value! Presentation can often be the difference between a house that sits unsold until you consider reducing the asking price to a house that sells quickly. Take a look at your competition and aim to present as well, if not better than them while remaining competitively priced. A light, tidy, well-ordered house will sell quicker than one that isnt.

Stage Your Home

Present your home in a way that is appealing to potential buyers. Take a detached look at your home from your visitors eyes. Make sure the property is clean, tidy and free from clutter, this will help to give buyers a blank canvas to imagine how they would use the space. Often, you don’t need a full makeover or to spend lots of money, the important things are to take a little time and effort to get the setting right.

Take a look at colour schemes, lighting and soft furnishings, to help make your home appear light and appealing.

First impressions really count and buyers will start judging your home from the estate agents photographs and as soon as they arrive. Take a look at the curb appeal, ensure the gardens are neat and tidy, remove any weeds, consider adding some nice pots with flowers. Does your property look cared for and well maintained? If not what can you do to improve it?


Uncluttered homes have more appeal and look more spacious, decluttering can make a big difference. Take a good look at each room with a view to making space, consider moving furniture around or putting large pieces of furniture into storage. Ensure that each room has a clear purpose and for example if your dining room is currently a multi-purpose area for dining and your hobby, remove all items, including furniture that are not essential to the main function of the room.

Decluttering now will not only help you sell your house more quickly but may also reduce your removals costs, as well as saving you from packing and moving unwanted items. Talk to your chosen removal company who can collect any items you wish to place into storage while you sell and then deliver those items along with everything else to your new property.

Clean & Tidy

Cleaning is a cheap and effective way to make a big difference the saleability of your home. Clean top to bottom inside and out, include carpets and curtains, a lot of people do this half-heartedly but take time and do a thorough job and then do you best to maintain this. A clean property always looks more cared for and will appeal much more.


Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, that’s why show homes are always anonymous. You are aiming to make your house look lived-in, but without too many personal things. So tidy away trophies, collectible items, children’s artwork, large collections of family photos or holiday souvenirs.

Home Improvements

You may want to consider some home improvements, however check with your estate agent to see if it’s worth the expenditure. Kitchen renovations are expensive but a fresh coat of paint or maybe some new handles could make all the difference.


If you think your home may have any major issues that could put buyers off you should consider getting these rectified but this may have been taken into account with your asking price.

Go Neutral?

Colour choice is a very personal thing, what appeals to you may not appeal to your buyer. You don’t need to repaint your whole property, but if you have made a rather bold choice of colour in a room consider painting with a more neutral colour. It’s a cost effective way to quickly add value to your property and for darker rooms can immediately make them appear bigger and brighter, which is a major selling point.