Moving day is usually a long day for all of us, but can be especially difficult when you have to move with young children. If you will have young children with you on moving day you want to plan ahead and make sure that you have something for them to do.

Before moving day, create an activity kit, let your child help pack a bag or small packing box (they could decorate the box themselves) with some of the things they might want on the day. This could include things such as travel games, colouring book, paper, crayons, cards, word searches, books, activity books, a few small toys or ball. Why not buy a new travel game or small toy that you could wrap and include in the box.

In addition to this on the big day make sure that they have any favourite toys. Books are a great option for kids of all ages, for toddlers pick out a few picture books, for older children either something new or a familiar favourite depending on their reading ability. Playing cards are a great option as there are a variety of games for one or more players.

If you have a long car journey why not download a new app, audio book or movie for them to watch on a tablet or phone. For older children, why not have a story time game where one person starts the story with a few sentences and then each family member follows on in turn, each adding their own twist.

Take a walk or garden break, if one parent has a few minutes why not play a game in the garden, visit a nearby park or visit the local shop to pick up some essentials or a treat.

Tips on keeping kids entertained while you move house
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