So its time to for you to move home. We move home on average 8 times in our lives and it is known to be one of the most stressful events we go through.
Here are a few top moving tips to make your move as easy as possible.


Now is the ideal time to have a sort out and get rid of anything you don’t wish to take with you. Don’t forget the loft, shed and garage.

You could donate items to charity stores, sell or dispose/recycle things you no longer want.

Plan Ahead

Mark dismantled furniture with a pencil, put all screws and bolts together so the fittings don’t get lost. Think about food and running down the fridge, freezer and other store cupboard items and if needed organise someone to un-plumb your washing machine.

Colour Coding

Colour-code your box labels. Use brightly coloured labels to represent a room, this helps to easily identify which box should go into which room.

Think First

Think about what you are packing in each box, don’t put multiple heavy items in the same box. Ensure you clearly label any boxes with fragile contents and keep heavier boxes away from these.

The Essentials

Pack essential items in an easy to find containers or boxes, for example, the kettle, tea, coffee and bedding for the first night. Always keep your jewellery, cash, bank cards with you.

Overnight Bag

Pack a bag with a change of clothes, pyjamas, toothbrush, toiletries, hair dryer and medication.

Hazardous Materials

Separate hazardous materials such as bleach, aerosols and paint; keeping them away from your other belongings.

Be Organised

As moving can sometimes be a lengthy process, ensure essential items are loaded into the van last, so they are easily accessible when you arrive.

Pets & Plants

Use rubble bags for plants and plant pots to help keep everything clean. Plan for the transportation of any pets, ensure you will have adequate food and water available by packing their own essentials box.

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