top moving tips

top moving tips


So its time to for you to move home. We move home on average 8 times in our lives and is known to be one of the most stressful events. Here are a few top moving tips to make your move as straight forward as possible.

Pack your essentials separate.

Pack the items you will need first in a transparent container. This will allow you to easily identify essentials such as tea, coffee and a kettle, a packed lunch and change for shopping essentials. Always keep your jewellery, cash, bank cards etc. on you in person and pack some clean bedding for the first night in your new home.

Think first

Think about what you are packing. Putting multiple heavy items in the same box can make it difficult to lift and manoeuvre, make sure you label fragile boxes and keep heavier items/boxes such as books away from these boxes.

Plan ahead

Mark dismantled furniture with a pencil, for example wardrobe parts (left side, right door etc.) Put all screws and bolts together so fittings don't get lost. Think about freezer food and running down the fridge and remember to un-plumb your washing machine.

Colour Coding

Colour-code your labels. This helps identify what exactly is in the box and where it needs to go, if you mark each doorway of your new home with a colour the boxes will be places in the correct room.

Personal Box

Keep a personal box close by which should include a 'things to do list', pens, nightlight, a list of contacts, T.V remotes, cables, wipes, batteries, screwdriver and boxed lightbulbs. So you have items to hand which you may need.

Pack an overnight bag.

Make sure all your daily essentials like toothbrushes clean clothes towel and toilet roll are kept in one handy bag.

Hazardous materials

Separate hazardous materials. Keep items such as paint, aerosols and bleach away from the rest of your belongings.

Labelling boxes

Along with labelling boxes, add which room they belong in and the contents of the box. Sorting by room is a quick way of deciding where boxes need to go.

Be organised

Make sure unessential items are loaded onto the removal van first.Sometimes moving can be a lengthy process. Loading essential items into the van last means they are easy accessible when you arrive.

Pet & Plant Transportation

Plan pets to be transported safely, fish tanks should always be emptied. Rubble bags for plants and plant pots are always a good idea to keep the moving process as clean as possible.

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