Moving with Children during the school holidays

School holidays can be some of the busiest times for family home removals, ideally, if you plan to move during the school holiday contact your preferred removal company early. This will allow you to secure the services of your chosen moving company.

If you have children and are moving this can present extra challenges. If your children are of school age, moving during the holidays means that you don’t have to worry about dropping off or collecting your children from school or ensuring that homework is not disrupted and is completed on time. If you are moving into a different area it is often easier for children to start at a new school at the beginning of a new term.

For very young children you may find it easier and less stressful to try and arrange childcare with family or friends for the day. For older children get them involved and helping, they will feel much more involved and probably enjoy themselves too.

Depending on the age of your children, prior to moving day get younger children to help with packing and decorating their own packing boxes. Older children will be able to help with organising, packing and inventories. While our team move your possessions younger, children can help identify and direct where things should go. Most children love to get involved in deciding the layout of their room and with unpacking their things.

If younger children will be with you on the day of your move, get them involved in packing a bag with activities for moving day, such as colouring in, word searches or puzzle books, we have some activities you can download and print to get you started, tablets are a good idea as they can watch programmes or films, read or play games. If you have more than one child choose some travel games, these are usually small and easy to pack away. You may wish to sneak in a little surprise item for them.

Make your move into a big adventure…. Keeping positive about the move and talking to your children about the process, what change you are planning for the new house and the new area, talk through any worries they might have. Involving children not only gives you extra helping hands but makes the move much easier for them and you. We have helped hundreds of families with their house removal and know how to involve children safely, so the day runs smoothly and everyone gets to be involved. If you have any concerns please give our team a call.

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