People downsize for many reasons, and it can happen at any stage of life depending on your goals. Whatever your reason for downsizing moving house is both exciting and stressful. We have put together our top tips to help you declutter and prepare for your move.

  1. You should start downsizing as soon as possible after you have made the decision to downsize. This will allow you to declutter over a period of time without feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do. It’s a good idea to de-clutter prior to packing to moveIn recent years there are a few different organisation methods that have gained in popularity, whichever method you choose the goal is to find a solution that’s right for you. Choosing a method will help you keep the items you need both essential and that are sentimental.Some people prefer the box method, there you restrict your options by sorting things into 4 boxes, keep, donate, recycle or sell, others take on the clutter by category e.g. clothes, books, toys. Another option is to review when you last used and item and decide if/when you will need the item in the future, if you haven’t used it for some time, do you need to keep it?
  2. The though of decluttering and organising your whole house can be daunting and overwhelming. You are much more likely to effectively complete the task if you break it down into more manageable chunks. Try focusing on one room at a time, if necessary, break that room down into sections too. That way you will feel you are making progress.
  3. When sorting taking time to consider the bigger picture and remember what you are hoping to gain by downsizing. Don’t just consider if something will physically fit in your new space, but will it fit into your new lifestyle. This will help you have a much clearer view of what items will fit into both your new lifestyle and home.
  4. Once you have found your new property, you will then be able to figure out which large furniture pieces you will be taking with you and which you will need to get rid of. If you haven’t found your new property yet focus on decluttering possessions and return to furniture nearer the time.
  5. Once your start decluttering, it’s very easy to make exceptions and want to keep this and that and before you know it you are keeping everything. Try to avoid the “maybes” pile as this pile can quickly stack up. Think carefully and be decisive.
  6. We all have sentimental items that we keep for years, often moving them from house to house and not using them in between. Downsizing doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of everything, but there maybe some sentimental items such as a large piece of furniture that you may not be able to take with you. This can be really upsetting, but if you have decided there is something sentimental you can’t take then reach out to family and friends and see if they would like the item.
  7. For those items that you don’t plan on taking with you, you could see if friends or family would like them, donate them to charity or depending on the item sell online or at auction. Some non-profit organisations and charities will collect larger home items.
  8. You could repurpose some items, unwanted fabrics could be made into a quilt or throw, furniture could be recovered, furniture that doesn’t fit could be converted, painted or decorated.
  9. When it comes to organising paperwork and photos take the opportunity to carefully organise everything. Photographs could be scanned and organised into digital files (make sure you keep a backup too). Buy or borrow a shredder and get rid of statements, bills and documents that are no longer needed. If you don’t need the paper copies of documents you could scan these too and keep copies on your computer, again make sure you keep a backup. Organise important documents such as your birth certificate, passport etc into a sturdy folder and make sure you have a safe place to keep this.

Make de-cluttering a regular habit and think carefully about buying new things. Clutter sneaks up on us all, being mindful and discerning about new purchases will help to keep your home clutter free, as well as saving you money.

De-cluttering in advance will make packing to move much easier, whether this is something you do yourself or your chosen removal company does for you.