Are you moving house and feeling a bit overwhelmed with your to do list? Whatever the reason for your move it can seem extremely daunting, the to do list just keeps getting longer and where do you start with the packing, decluttering and organising?

Packing your garage may not be the first thing you think of packing and organising when you are moving house but it’s often one of the best places to start.

Top tips on decluttering your garage when moving house

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, this can be a great place to start. For most households, garages fall into two categories, the first is where you use the garage to park your car, and the second is where you use the garage for extra storage.

If you fall into the first category and use your garage to park your car and don’t have too much clutter in your garage it shouldn’t take too long to pack any other contents. You should always check with your removal company what they can and can’t move such as hazardous chemicals, if you have received a removal pack/guide this may contain the details. Once your garage is organised and if you can park your car elsewhere you could then use the space to store packed boxes from the house.

If your garage falls into the extra storage category, then the garage is a good place to start as it will take you longer than you think. Wanting to put this off is understandable but as this often proves to be much more time-consuming than you anticipate it’s much better to do this as soon as you can. You will also clear space to allow you to store packed boxes from the house. Most of us tend to store things in the garage thinking we will need them at some point in the future, or because we don’t have time to dispose it at the time. This can lead to an enormous amount of stuff building up over time and often means when you sort through you will find some long lost items that you had totally forgotten about.

The first task is to declutter the garage, sort through everything, and putting to one side items that your removal company can’t transport, but that you wish to take. Decide what items can be recycled, donated or need to be disposed of and place items within designated areas within the garage to make it simpler to organise. Once done you will hopefully have space to pack the remaining contents.

Hand tools are normally best transported in a toolbox or similar, if packing in boxes try to pack in small to medium size good quality boxes as they can be surprisingly heavy, ensure everything is well packed and padded to prevent movement during transit. Make sure all small items like screws, nails, fixings are kept together and packed in suitable containers. Before packing it’s a good idea to keep a small, practical selection of common screwdrivers, allen keys, hammer and other essentials and place these in a small kit just in case you need them for dismantling or reassembling furniture during the move.

For power tools, remove any batteries and protect them with bubble wrap or similar, and pack them into sturdy, good quality boxes, if you have kept the original cardboard boxes or packing these are ideal.

For items like shears, rakes, these can be tied together, and the hazardous edges protected with wrap, old linens, towels or blankets.

Always keep an inventory of the boxes in your garage, label the box and assign it a number just in case you need to find something. It will also make unpacking at your new home much easier.

If you are moving with us and need any help packing, would like more information on our packing service, or need advice on how to pack or require packing materials give the team a call.