Moving house at Christmas

Whenever you move it can be extremely stressful, but moving at Christmas can be even more demanding. Christmas is a busy period for most, with all the preparations, festivities and celebrations. So, if you are moving house around the Christmas holidays planning will be key to stop your stress levels soaring. Here we have put together some things you can do to make the process a little easier.

Plan Early

This is probably the biggest tip, It’s easy to get lost with everything you have to do, so having a detailed plan will help you keep on track. Try to get your move date fixed well in advance so that you can book your removal company as early as possible.

Book Your Removal Company

Moving during the Christmas period can be complicated as companies may have reduced staff and can be busy as surprisingly it is a popular time to move and they get booked up very quickly. When getting removal quotes as about additional services such as packing and unpacking, these can be a big help. If you have lot’s to move talk to your removal company about storage so some items can be moved to storage prior to moving day.

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

Start your Christmas shopping early, it is a good idea to start planning for the festive season early, make a list well in advance and try to buy all your presents as soon as possible. If you can wrap presents and write cards before your move and pack everything in a box that is clearly labelled or leave with friends or relatives.

If you are moving house during the week of Christmas you could shop early and book an online delivery to have your food delivered to your new home.

Organise Your Packing

Don’t underestimate the volume of stuff that you have. If you are packing everything yourself don’t leave your packing to the last minute. Even if your removal company are packing everything for you it’s a good idea to declutter and get rid or donate anything you do not want to take with you.

Keep your Christmas decorations aside and label them clearly. When you move into your new home it will be easier to find them and you can start decorating. After the stress of the move it will feel much more like home if these are to hand.

Keep all important documents such as birth certificates, passports, photo albums and jewellery with you on moving day.

Prepare for Bad Weather

A white Christmas is lovely it makes the season feel really festive, except when you are moving house. Check the weather forecasts and plan ahead, ensure you keep out warm clothes and suitable footwear. Keep equipment to help clear the snow from your paths handy, if you can salt and grit the driveway and pathways.

Speak to your estate agent or the current owners of your new home and ask if they will leave the boiler on or they can ensure that instructions for the boiler are available.

Moving with Children and Pets

Christmas is a very exciting time for young and old alike, if you are moving with young children ensure you explain that Santa will know you have moved and their presents will arrive as normal. Decide if you are going to keep the children and pets with you on moving day or will they be better spending the day with family or friends.

Change of Address & Meter Readings

Tell all the relevant organisations, suppliers, friends and family of your change of address well in advance. To ensure that your Christmas cards don’t go astray, setup a redirection service with the Post Office. Don’t forget to take the meter readings as you leave your old property and arrive at the new one.

Essentials Box

As it is likely to be very chilly, keep a box packed with the essentials with you. Having a kettle, tea, coffee etc so that you can make hot drinks when you need them will be very welcoming and much needed.

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