Moving house during the heatwave

Summer 2022 is one of the hottest and driest on record! Temperatures have even topped 40°C, in most areas of the UK it has caused problems with businesses closing and shutting on really hot days as it has been too hot to operate safely, transport has been affected and vulnerable people and pets have had to stay inside trying to keep cool. So, what should you do if you have to move house during this period?

These levels of heat can present additional challenges and mean that you should have extra preparation and precautions in place.

Prior to moving day, it’s even more important to plan and organise your time as well as the safety concerns, tempers can flare and people get more frustrated in this extreme weather. If you are packing your possessions ready for moving day, we always suggest packing steadily over a period of time, but in this weather it’s vital. Packing everything is a physical task, set your goals and factor in regular breaks. Try not to pack in the hottest parts of the day, it is staying hot until late, so getting up a little earlier and getting your packing done then may be the best option.

In the few days before your moving date ensure that you have adequate supplies of drinks to keep yourself and your family and any pets hydrated, better to over estimate what you think you will need. Your removal team will arrive with suitable supplies of drinks but may also appreciate some extra cold drinks. If you are thirsty, dizzy, lightheaded or feel nauseous you should take a break in the shade and rehydrate. You may want to consider using fans in key areas to keep yourselves and the moving team a little cooler.

Get in touch with your removal team and see if they can start the removal earlier in the morning, when it’s cooler. Ensure that boxes, furniture and appliances are kept out of the heat as much as possible.

If you are moving with pets consider where your pets will be kept during the move, ensure they have plenty of shade and a fresh supply of drinking water, never leave them in a car. Similarly, if you have plants to transport to your new home think carefully where they will be placed during the move, talk to your removal team about the best way to transport them.