Top tips for labeling boxes when moving house

When moving house most of us have a lot of boxes. Clearly labelling these so you know what is inside and which room they should be placed in within your new home makes the process much easier and more efficient.

There are many ways to label your boxes for the tech savy you could QR codes or you might prefer to write on the boxes and have a list.

Labelling can seem like a pointless laborious task, with many of us starting with good intentions but end with no labelling at all. When you arrive in your new home and it comes to finding things or having to tell the removals team where to put the boxes it can result in chaos if the boxes are not labelled correctly.

Our labelling tips will help whether you plan to unpack immediately or put items into storage.  Spending time and getting organised before you start packing will time well spent and could save your hours of time. Having different coloured packing tape, labels or marker pens, fragile tape and a notebook are essential. If you have one a tape gun is useful as it makes sealing the boxes so much quicker, it can be very frustrating looking for the end of the tape which always seems to disappear. It is also possible to get packing tape which has a list of rooms on with checkboxes so that you can tick the relevant room.

Create a master list in your notebook and for each room in your house assign a colour and/or code. For example kitchen boxes could be red tape, label or marker, blue for bathroom, green for bedrooms.  Then use the relevant colour packing tape or markers to seal or mark the relevant boxes for that room. If for example you are using green for bedrooms you may also want to number the boxes so that green 1, is bedroom 1, green 2 is bedroom 2. If you are using different coloured packing tapes or labels, when you arrive at your new property a small piece of the coloured tape/label can be placed on the door frame of each room or a post it with the colour.

Coding the boxes this way makes it much easier for your removal team to quickly unload the van, without having to keep asking which room a box should go into. It also helps to avoid any confusion with boxes getting mixed up, which will make unpacking or searching for something much easier.

Boxes that contain things that you need to unpack immediately could be marked with a coloured tape or label encircling the box, to make them easily identifiable. Any boxes with fragile items in should also be clearly labelled as fragile. Number your boxes and  keep a note of the general contents of the box.

If you need help packing let the professionals do it for you, whether it’s just some or all of the packing. The professionals will ensure that everything is packed and labelled correctly, and it can save you hours of working packing yourself. A team will quickly and efficiently pack a house, usually just before your move and they can help with unpacking when you arrive at your new home. Why not ask your removals company for a removals quote that includes packing and unpacking.