When you are packing to move sometimes it is often things like lamps that can be the most tricky, they come a varied range of shapes and sizes and can be a challenge to pack.

Below are a few tips to help you pack your lamps so they arrive at your new home safely.

Floor lamps can often be broken down into smaller pieces to make them easier to pack. If you need to move your floor lamp in one piece, remove the lightbulb and shades, then wrap the lamp in moving blanket and secure the blanket with tape or ties.

First, select a box that is the right size and shape for the lamp. Securely tape the bottom of the box with reinforced packing tape.

Pack each part of the lamp separately. Remove the bulb and the lampshade and put to one side.  Cover the plug in bubble wrap and carefully wrap the cord around the base of the lamp, secure it so that it will not unravel. Do not use packing tape to secure the cord as it may damage the lamp. On a clean, flat surface spread out a large length of bubble wrap, place the lamp on its side at the edge of the bubble wrap and roll it up, secure with some tape.

Place the lamp in the centre of your chosen box and then pad around the lamp with soft items such as clothes, blankets or towels. Padding the box properly will stop the lamp from moving during and getting damaged during transit. Close the lid of the box and secure with packing tape, then mark the box as fragile and mark the box to show which way up the box should be stored and which room it belongs in.

Lamp shades can be packed in a similar way or for large fabric shades these can be left for our removal team. Use plain paper or bubble wrap to protect a lampshade as newspaper can leave dirty marks.

Discard incandescent bulbs so they don’t break in transit. CFL or LED bulbs can be wrapped in bubble wrap and put into a box with other fragile items or put into the box with the lampshade or base.

If you have any problems or questions please ask or if you would like some help with packing our expert team can pack and if you wish unpack for you, find out more about our house removal packages.

How to pack a lamp
How to pack a lamp
How to pack a lamp