Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of our frequently questions

How much will my removal cost?
This is the most frequently asked question, as a rough guide the cost of a removal is usually based on the volume of belongings you are wishing to move, the distance you are moving and the services you select. To get an accurate quote we advise booking a home visit for a free no obligation quotation.
Do I need to pay anything upfront?
If you have had a pre-move survey and have been given a fixed price quotation, then we do ask for a non-refundable 10% deposit to be made when booking your confirmed moving date.  If you have opted for an hourly rate move, then we do require an upfront payment for the first 2 hours by way of a non-refundable deposit when booking your move.
What is a pre-move survey and do I need one?
The pre-move survey allows us to accurately assess the volume of goods that need to be moved, size of vehicle(s) required and the manpower needed.  This enables us to provide an accurate fixed price quotation for our services. It also gives you the chance to raise any concerns and ask questions. At this point you should also get a feel for our company and know that its a company you can trust with your possessions.  If you decide not to have a pre-move survey then we do offer an hourly rate for your removals.
When should I book?
We are happy to take a provisional date for your move, but please note that this does not form a guaranteed confirmed booking.  Confirmed bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability.  When a definite moving date is known, you can place a confirmed booking with us.
Should I pack or is it best to let the removal company pack?
This is really down to personal preference and time. If you are happy and able to pack your possessions, then this may be the choice for you. However, if you are busy or would like peace of mind that a professional has done it for you then a packing service may be the choice for you. Whatever your requirements discuss them with us.
Do you supply packaging materials?
Packaging materials are included on all our gold and platinum packages.  We do have the option to purchase packaging materials for all other packages.  Please let us know if you would like us to supply your packaging materials.
When do I have to pay for the move?
Payment is to be made either in advance of your move or by 1pm on the day of your move at the latest.  We may request advance payment on some national and international moves.
What happens if we are kept waiting for the keys to the new property?
If you chose to have fixed price removals then there are no additional charges payable for key waiting time during working hours.  However, if you chose to go for the hourly removals then the standard hourly rate applies.
Will you disconnect the cooker, fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine or light fittings?
No, we do not disconnect or re-connect any of these items. You must ensure that these items are disconnected by a professional trades person prior to our arrival on your moving day.
Can you help empty my loft?
We do request that customers empty their lofts where possible.  However, we are happy to do this providing there is safe and suitable access.  Please discuss this with us during your home visit.
Can you help disassemble and reassemble furniture?
If you need assistance with disassembling and reassembling furniture please mention this during the pre-move survey. Our team are always on hand to help and if you find you are struggling to get everything done in time for your move just let us know.
Do you move garden furniture and plants?
We are happy to move outdoor goods providing they are in good, clean condition.  Plants must be bagged by you, preferably in heavy duty rubber bags.  Please inform us at the time of the home visit of any garden items to be moved.
What can’t you move?
We are unable to move flammable products (such as gas, fuel, paint, oil etc), cash, jewellery, pets and livestock.


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